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Pink Moon - or Blood Red?

You decide. Was last night's full moon actually blood red, like the astronomers had promised? Or was it the Pink Moon I'd told you about in yesterday's post?

I watched the lunar eclipse from northeastern Oklahoma. Well, at least the first hour. But I'll get to that in a minute.

The Pink Moon, mentioned yesterday, is a term used by Native Americans, who named the moons according to their phases and cycles. It helped them keep track of the ...
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Planting Time?

Brrrr. Is this the last cold snap of the season?
I hope so, because my seed packets are waiting and my fingers are itching to put on my gardening gloves and get out into the soil.
Today's post is all about planting, and features tips from the Farmer's Almanac about things to plant and all kinds of gardening advice. Enjoy the read!

  • Gather 'spring tonic' greens now: dandelion greens, fiddleheads, and leeks.
  • Hydrangeas and goldenrod ...
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Vernal Equinox Arrives

There's something about that name --
If you know what it means, that is.
It means SPRING!

And the equinox part means that the time of night's darkness and daylight is approximately the same. Here in Oklahoma, at a latitude of 36 degrees, this means we get really close to 12 hours of each.

We've had Mardi Gras and entered the season of Lent, we've changed the clocks and jumped forward for Daylight Savings Time,  the ...
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Is Spring Here? Really?

Okay - I'm looking outside now at a bright, glorious sun. The little piles of snow that clung to the flagstone this morning are gone, leaving behind only a dark spot. The skies are blue. The trees, like skinny soldiers, stand still, tattered leaf rags clinging to their branches. Out front, the daffodil buds remain tightly closed. They are asking the same question I am. Is it Spring? Is it safe to come out?

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Groundhog 101 - Nature Discovery

Groundhog Day is coming! The following is copied from the National Wildlife Federation's email which I regularly receive. Fun facts - enjoy! (And be sure to read to the bottom of the post for an extra note from me.)<< MORE >>

Winter Weather Odds and Ends - Nature Discovery

Cold enough for you?
Here are some interesting facts about winter weather.

WaterFreeze - Shallow areas of a body of water freeze before deeper areas. The deeper the water, the longer it takes to change its temperature. Water reaches its densest state at 39 degrees F. (4 degrees C).

IceCloud - In winter, low temperatures and water vapor in the usually cloudless stratosphere trigger the formation of ice clouds.

LightRays - Although the ...

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Eyes are on you - Nature Discovery

Look around. Eyes are everywhere. People have them, dogs have them, squirrels have them, insects have them, turtles have them, spiders have them, squids have them, and on. and on. and on.

Eyes tell us a lot about the habits of animal species (whether mammal or insect, fish or bird). Look at the location of the eyes. A predator has eyes that face forward, so they can see their prey and zero in on them. Prey species, mammals ...
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Winter Eyes - A Meditation

What do you see when you look outside right now? Take a second to check it out - then come back to me.

Here's what I see.

A sky of gray, white blue
 clouds, bits of sky,
 like dabs from Monet's
 paintbrush, poking through;
Bare branches of oak trees, 
 scaly gray/brown alligator bark;
Brown leaves, dried bats hanging
 from  tenacious oaks --"I refuse to 'bare' it all ...
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Thoreau's Winter Thoughts

Today's post features thoughts from Henry David Thoreau, found in his slim volume of mini essays called "On Man & Nature,"  compiled by Arthur G. Volkman,1960.

In northeastern Oklahoma today, in my world, the sun is shining brightly. The last scrappy remains of snow from the winter blast on the 6th and 7th of December, is finally melting away. Now, all that remains is sand on the hilly roads and intersections, and a brown coating all over my ...
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Nearly Winter Solstice

The days are soooo short. I feel it in my bones and in my psyche. I long for the sun.Too cold to sunbathe outside, I lie where sunbeams pour through the windows inside the house on the floor. The warmth soaks into my skin.

We are in the shortest two weeks of the year, and I feel that especially on cloudy days. Without the holiday parties and preparation for Christmas, I would be a homebody, content to sit and ...
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